This is the dilemma of every business today. There were times when the businesses were focused on developing a website and establishing themselves as the key players in the world-wide web. But today the race has changed, today business want to convert their number of clicks to actual sales. The businesses compete each other to carve out a niche for themselves that will help them establish a customer base. To carve out the niche they try to give unique and innovative appeals for their customers. Today a social media and web presence alone cannot make your business a success. There are additional efforts required to make the sales happen. Social media opens a wide range of possibilities for the businesses to interact with their customers and make money. It is up to the companies who they actually exploit it and develop it into their favor. A perfect business would have the right combination of marketing and personal touch for their consumers to win their hearts. Below are some of the basic yet very effective and important tips to convert the clicks on your website to real sales and start making a real business put of your websites:

  • Clients believe what they hear more than what they see!

This might sound opposite of eth actual phrase, but this is what is true for the e commerce websites. It is important that the customers are convinced when they are making the purchase otherwise it will only be a spot purchase rather than the long deal. When the customer is convinced of the benefits of your product, he is likely to praise it and this is how you gain consumers. What you actually need to do is to post the testimonials on your websites, this will convince people that buying the product from you is in real an amazing experience.  Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: Designing for Mobile First – Why It is Important to Design for Mobile First

  • Make your Social Page a one stop shop page!

This might sound unique to you but many social media platforms have added this feature. This allows people unwilling to leave social media actually browse through your products and make the purchase. This helps in bringing in long term customers. Probable customers might see your ad or read a review and visit you on your social page and from there they might even end up making an impulse purchase, which otherwise might have been abandoned if they had to visit the website.

  • Discover the influencers and make them a marketing strategy!

This is the new trend. Influencers are people who have a huge number of followers on social media. They have a noticeable presence and people tend to trust them and get inspired by them when making the purchases. This actually is the new marketing strategy, people tend to get influenced and convinced by these people. Companies can contact them and ask them to showcase their products in their videos, and tutorials, this will be an indirect marketing campaign designed specifically to convince the customers in their subconscious state about the need of the product.

  • Be reachable to your customers.

This is very important considering the fact that customers may need to contact you about a certain feature of your product or for the product itself. You need to display your contact details in a very clear way. When customers feel that they can reach out to you in a more comfortable way they tend to prefer the personalized dealing that they get. And this may convert them into regular customers for you.   A social media and a proper well maintained web presence can actually help you make more money than you are making through physical shops.