You must have already read so many tips on how to optimize your conversion rates, and maybe you have already tried out some of the practices. Some have worked others have failed miserably. If it’s the latter, you aren’t alone. Many e-commerce sites fail in conversion optimization.

Here are 4 reasons why your conversion optimization efforts could be failing.

1. There is no one-size fits all strategy

The CRO tips you’ve read about usually highlight what typically works. They are developed from observing current trends and conducting many experiments. This, however, does not mean that they are a one-size fits all fixes. A strategy that typically works may not work for your website. E-commerce sites differ in many ways from niches to target audiences to product selection to seasons, just to mention but a few. Your site may be atypical. You need to embark on your own CRO campaign, which means finding spills in your conversion funnel and finding customized fixes for each.

2. CRO is a marathon not a sprint

It is possible to get spikes in conversions after fixing a few glaring conversion killers in your site but this should not have you excited about the miracle-working powers of CRO. An infant has to crawl and walk before it can run and the same principle applies to your e-commerce site.  Measured steps and deliberate actions are required if you want to see marked and steady improvement in your CRO campaign. Start out too fast and you are likely to stumble and fall. Trying to fix every failure at once will cause your CRO campaign to fail.

3. Focusing on traffic generation instead of conversion improvement

Most e-commerce businesses spend a substantial part of their budget on generating traffic to their websites. The success of their marketing efforts is hence measured against this goal. Acquiring traffic that does not move through your e-commerce funnel is of no use. Success of an optimization campaign should be measured against conversion and subsequent revenue generation.

4. Harnessing data for meaningful data optimization is a challenge

Inadequate technological infrastructure and expertise to put customer data to use is one of the reasons many e-commerce businesses fail in conversion optimization. For meaningful marketing decisions data such as past customer purchases, visitor behavior and email engagement need to be considered. This enables implementation of conversion optimization strategies such as personalized messaging and target marketing.